Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fall in the Flathead

Oh Fall...

My favorite season; especially in Montana.
This autumn has been one for the books, for many reasons.
The biggest reason of all, is that I hadn't experienced fall in 4 years.
You know Hawaii may seem like paradise, but when you've lived in Montana your whole life, then you spend 3 years in a tropical place, you're like "I never want to experience Summer again".
That's all Hawaii is; c o n s t a n t summer.
So, yeah, you could say seasons are very important to me.

I'll show you why!

See what I mean?

My ideal Fall is full of sweaters, boots, coffee, crunching through the leaves, long drives to snap beautiful pictures, pumpkin carving, costumes, and big bonfires..
So you could say I've accomplished a lot!
(p.s. I am kind of ready for winter, though)

I hope you're all having an amazing Halloweekend!
Be safe, have fun, and enjoy this weather!
(and eat lots of candy tomorrow)

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