Sunday, April 17, 2016

Montana Bound, Soon.

Holy most stressful two weeks of my entire life.
We finally have our 'Final Out' tomorrow...
Which means that starting tomorrow afternoon, Paul is done military-ing, and all we have left to do is MOVE.
Our Household Goods will be picked up on the 26th, and we should be able to head home to Montana sometime around the 1st of May.
Holy crap.
I'm just so ready for this all to be over with, and to get home and start our new lives as civilians!
Anyway, that's my update on our separation process. Interesting, I know.
So watch out Kalispell, Paul Ponder and I are coming to town!
And some of the first things we want to do are:
See our friends and family (some of which we haven't seen in 3 years)
Eat at Charlie Wongs
Eat at Los Caporales
Eat at Wheat Montana
Get coffee at Colter Coffee (or any of the other thousands of amazing coffee shops in Kalispell)
Go to Glacier National Park
Take pictures
Go fishing
Go shooting
Go hiking
Go on adventures
Go swimming in a LAKE
Let Nana run around in wide open spaces for the first time in her life

I. am. so. excited.

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