Thursday, March 31, 2016

Life, Am I Right?

So we're counting down the days until we move home...
Well, kind of. See the problem is that we don't have a set date yet, so technically I can't count down the days...
But! We do know we'll  be moving home any time in the next 2 months.
And as ecstatic as I am, I'm also scared shitless.

Of all of the awful things that come with your spouse being in the military, one not-so-awful thing is the security.
No I don't mean secure in the fact that my husband is a highly trained war machine, I mean that we're secure in our life.
Health insurance, a promised paycheck, no chance of lay-offs or terminations, a home... All of those things have been there since we got married.

And now, since Paul's getting out of the military altogether, that stuff will no longer just be there. And that's scary.. Right?
I know we'll be okay, and we have a ton of awesome friends and family that will help us along the way, but it sure feels like we're all of a sudden getting slapped by 'real life'.
As interesting as Hawaii has been, it's been a true test on our relationship. And I feel as though if two people who HATE where they're living, can stay together, we can make it through anything.
Anyway, there's your update. Now you don't have to keep asking me when we're moving home because I DON'T KNOW! (;
Sometime before, or on June 3rd. No later.

Anyway, here's some pictures of birds from my backyard, courtesy of Mr. Paul Ponder himself.
(I like birds, didn't you know?)