Friday, January 24, 2014


I probably say this every Friday, but man these posts make it feel like time goes by WAY too fast.
I had a pretty good week I'd say.
I've been having to take Paul to work every morning at 5 a.m.
Then I get home, go back to sleep for a few hours, get up, and get pretty productive.
Our dryer has been broken down for a week now, and we still have another week until they come fix it.
It's super annoying, because laundry just doesn't feel the same when it hasn't been dried in a dryer.
Ugh, does that make me shallow?
Oh well.
Here are some highlights from my week!

1. A few months ago, I paid like $2 for a muffin tin at Walmart. I made muffins awhile ago and had to soak the pan, and it rusted. ): So I got mad and threw it in the recycling bin. I wanted to make my blueberry muffins though, so I decided to bake them in a loaf pan! It took WAY longer than muffins do (obviously), AND I overcooked it... But, drizzle some %100 Maple Syrup on a slice and it's pretty dang good.

2. Yesterday I finally bought a new muffin tin, and I decided I don't want to ruin this one, so I bought liners too! I also stopped at Down To Earth and got some amazing Bob's Red Mill whole wheat pastry flour. Can't WAIT to make whole wheat pancakes again!

3. Whilst making the blueberry loaf this week, I was trying to find a good place to put my Kindle so that I could follow the recipe. I accidentally slid the cover behind the bar on my toaster oven, and, well, it stayed! Can you say life hack!?

4. I had to bring poor Paul to the doctor yesterday, and while I was waiting in the car I couldn't help but notice how beautiful it is here. Hickam has got to be the most beautiful base in the world .

5. I've been wanting to start doing outfit posts again, I just never feel like I'm dressed well enough. I made an effort the other day to go pick up Paul though.. If you'd like to see more outfit posts, visit my Instagram and like the outfit posts you see! Then I'll have more motivation and inspiration to do them on here!

How did your week go? Is it cold where you are? It was a whopping 59 degrees when I brought Paul to work yesterday. Coldest it's been since I've been here.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Eating Real Food and Why I Believe In It

I feel as though people hear the term "healthy" and are automatically turned off by it, which is sad, because it's not like that. 
So let's just call it R E A L  F O O D.
Let me explain...

A few hundred years ago, our ancestors were eating every cut of meat, and every organ off of every animal (including bacon), butter, milk straight from the cows teat, homemade bread, beans, nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies.
There were no fad diets, gluten free diets, dairy free diets, food allergies or chemical pesticides. There was no high fructose corn syrup, genetically modified organisms,Yellow No. 5, Blue No. 1, Red No. 40, or aspartame.
There was little to no; cancer,"behavioral disorders", ADD, ADHD, or skin conditions.

Do you want to know what there was?
There was whole, real, fresh food.
It wasn't processed, dyed, chemically altered, synthetically put together, or drenched in lab-created chemicals.
People grew their own fruits, vegetables, herbs, and wheat.
They milked their own cows and goats, churned their own butter, cultured their own yogurt, and collected eggs from their own chickens.

They didn't need to inject their cows or chickens with synthetic growth hormones (those things didn't even exist), or create chemically altered seeds to grow more crops.

Are you beginning to see the problem yet?

People thrived hundreds of years ago because everything they were consuming was real.
I'm not saying that everyone needs to own a farm and grow/produce their own food. (But wouldn't that be a beautiful thing?)
I'm saying don't we deserve to thrive and eat the way our ancestors did?
There are so many people that don't understand the severity of the damage that has been done to our food system... and there are some who know but choose not to care.

But I know, and I'm choosing to care. Because I'd rather pay a little more and eat the way our bodies were built to eat, than to eat garbage and pay for it later in health bills and possibly an early death.

My diet isn't perfect, and yes I occasionally give in to the chemical abominations on the gas station shelves, but I do everything in my power to eat the way we're supposed to eat...
Because it feels good.

If you're interested in changing the way you eat to a more "real food" diet, than I'd strongly suggest it. I'd even go as far as to give you advice and point you in the direction of people who know more about it than I. The more people who change their eating habits, the more the food companies will realize that what they're feeding us is wrong, and it's not "food".
Give it a try.
Eat the way your body wants you to eat.
Eat the way your ancestors ate.
Your body will thank you, I promise.

Friday, January 17, 2014


Happy Friday.
I had, an exhausting week..
So, here goes..

1. I made some juice for the first time in months. It tasted incredible and it made me feel great. So that's a plus!
2. I guess in emergency room, they want people to look up and forget they're in a terrifying room that's only separated by curtains.
3. About number two, Paul went to the ER last Friday. (He looked so cute in his robe, I couldn't help myself) .He was having excruciating back pains and thought it was something going on with his kidney. We got to the ER at 10 a.m. and he wasn't seen until 1 p.m. Seems like they take their emergencies pretty seriously, huh?
4. So they did a few bogus "tests" and said he was having back spasms, gave him tylenol and 5 muscle relaxers and sent him on his way. It's been a week now; his back still hurts and his lower left rib is numb. Anyway the muscle relaxers made him pass out, him and Nana were cozy.
5.  I MADE HOMEMADE TORTILLAS! Instructions can be found here. Four ingredients, and they're super tasty! Definitely never buying the pre-packaged, 17-ingredient, lame-excuse-for-a-tortilla ones again!

How was your week? Mine wasn't that great. The house is a disaster cause' Paul's been home all week, our dryer broke, and he's still in pain! Grr!

Link up with Lauren and share how your week went! Hopefully better than mine!!!

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Hawaii Life: Beaches

"You live in Hawaii!? That's awesome! Do you go to the beach like, every day?"
I don't. In fact, I've probably only been to the beach 6 times in the 7 months that we've lived here.
But, the beaches I have been to are awesome, and I enjoy it every time.
So here they are, in order from favorite to least favorite.

1. Hanauma Bay
2. Kailua Beach Park

3. Waikiki Beach
4. Ewa Beach Park
5. Hickam Beach

1. Hanauma Bay (Hun-oma)
Hanauma Bay is absolutely gorgeous . It was well worth the hour wait and it was the first time I've ever been snorkeling. It was incredibly tourist-ey but that's what you'd expect when you're close to Waikiki. I would absolutely suggest coming here if you enjoy snorkeling.

2. Kailua Beach Park (Ky-loo-uh)
The drive to Kailua pretty much makes the trip. You drive through these gorgeous mountains and once you come out of the tunnel, you can see the ocean. It's breathtaking. The beach is really calm and nice and worth the 40 minute drive!

3. Waikiki Beach (Why-kee-kee)
Waikiki will forever hold a special  place in my heart. Paul and I lived downtown for 43 days when we first moved here. We bought little floaties and went to the beach and snorkeled around on them. It was the first time we'd been in the ocean together, and the first time i'd seen ocean creatures in real life. Waikiki is super fun if you're just visiting here!

4. Ewa Beach Park (Evuh)
This beach is amazing because you can see all of Honolulu from it. It's beautiful, white sand, green water, but there's a huge slope on the beach that makes it really uncomfortable to lay on. Also, the water is really rough so it's not a swimming type of beach. It's really good for walking around and collecting sea shells!

5. Hickam Beach
Hickam Beach is my least favorite because the sand is sort of pebble-ey and it was really cloudy when I went there.. But it's still a really nice place. You can see the flight line from the shore so it makes it an entertaining place to go. There's also really nice barbecues and covered picnic tables.I haven't been here enough to say it's my least favorite, and I'd definitely like to go again soon.

The pictures above match up with the number of the beaches I listed. I felt like more pictures needed to be shown.

Beaches are a huge part of Hawaii., but they definitely aren't my favorite. I'll do another post on other things to do in Hawaii, what we do on a daily basis, and the downfalls of living on this island (mostly prices).

Friday, January 10, 2014


Itttt'ssss Frriiiddayyyy!
I totally messed up my Hawaii Life blog post this week
so it'll take me a day or two to get that figured out!
But for now, here are some highlights from my week!
| 1 |
| 2 |
| 3 |
| 4 |
| 5 |
1. I just love waking up to Nana cuddled right up next to me. She misses dad when he goes to work early in the morning.
2. I walked out my front door last night to find this massive box. I brought it inside and Paul and I ripped it open, only to find MORE boxes! (wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper). So we went crazy like small children to tear them up and find all these wonderful gifts from my mom. Then we proceeded to make WAY too much popcorn with our new popcorn maker. It was disastrous.
3.Look at her. Seriously. Look at the lengths she goes to to be on top of pillows...
4. AND LOOK AT HER! This. Right. Here. Is my beautiful best friend. Who's coming to visit us next month. I am beyond excited.. I just can't even.. Omg.
5. "If Jesus and Bobby Flay had a baby, and that baby grew up and started barbecuing, then that baby would be my husband". That is all. (steak!)

How was your week? Link up with Lauren and let the world know!

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Sincerely, Montana 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wishlist Wednesday

It's Wednesday!
 My husband's parents left last night so we're going to have an empty house.
It's going to be so weird to not have guests in the house,
 seeing as we've had someone here constantly since the beginning of October.
Time to start doing some meal plans and looking for a new house!
 It should be quite an adventurous few months ahead of us.
Anyway, here's a few things I've been lusting after for quite awhile now. 
(Hubby, are you reading this (; ?)

1 |  | 2 |  | 3 |  | 4 |  | 5 |

Sincerely, Montana 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Goals for 2014

New year, new set of goals.
Well, I wouldn't call them new. Just a few things that I want to see happen in the next year!

1) Move on base: 
We're currently waiting until the beginning of February to put in our 28 day notice, to see if we can get into a better house. This is one of the most stressful goals, because once we get past the looking part, we have to move for the 2nd time in 7 months.
2) Get a job :
Between being young, inexperienced in most fields, and only having one car, this is going to be tough. Especially if I wanted what you'd call a "good" job. But since I have tons of experience in food and customer service, I'm hoping I can just find a little barista job within walking distance on base. It's something, right?

3) Improve my blog:
Now this is something I've been trying to do for over a year now. I keep getting discouraged because of lack of readers and followers... But I need to just do this for myself. I need to put passion and thought into my posts, and find ways to relate to and get involved with you guys! I'm dedicated to keeping up with my posts, and continuing with something that I've been passionate about for awhile now.

There are a few other little things I want to accomplish this year:
- be a better wife to my husband
- meal plan, cook and prove to Paul that healthy food is delicious
- finish decorating the house
- plant a garden
- spring clean
- hike, swim, go to the beach, and take road trips
- make new friends, and catch up with friends we already have
-get my tan on while i'm still living in Hawaii
- save money

What are your goals for the year?
My goals could extend past 2014 but they're all equally important and need to get done!
What do you do to make sure your goals get accomplished?

Friday, January 3, 2014


We went and tried this little local restaurant today called Forty Niner and it was REALLY good.
Which is funny, cause the 49ers are our team! (;
Anyway, this is my super exciting week!!

1) We went to Waikiki on Saturday and it was a lot of fun.. It brought back good memories, and made me miss the time we spent there.
2) Paul ranked up! He is now Senior Airman Ponder; an E4! I'm seriously so proud of him.
3) Nana was being cute (as usual) but this time, her lip was all weird, so I had to take a picture. Ahhh this is what my life has become. Hahah.....
4) It was delightfully cloudy yesterday, and ended up storming pretty good. We love stormy weather.
5) This wasn't from this week, but a little while ago, Nana got super excited and turner her head super fast and ran into my leg with her teeth. It's still a huge bruise.

How was your week? Happy 2014!
Link up with Lauren and share your new year excitement! 

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Some News (a lengthy post)

As you all probably know, Paul and I moved to Oahu in June. 
We stayed in a hotel in Waikiki for 43 days, and we'd had enough..
So we rushed into a house because, well, we kind of had to.
At the time, Paul didn't want to live on base.. Which I totally understood.
"I have to work on base. I am already sick of being in the military, I don't want to have to show ID to go home, and I don't want to constantly be on base" was something like what he'd say.
But the funny thing is, we moved into a Navy neighborhood, that you have to show ID to get in to.
But it isn't ON base, which my husband liked... until we lived here for awhile.
We soon discovered just how huge of a mistake we made.

So, me telling you that we live 10 miles away from Paul's work might not seem so bad, until I tell you that Honolulu is rated as having the second worst traffic in the U.S., next to LA. Traffic is horrible. As if it's not bad enough that he's working 12 hour shifts, He has to leave an HOUR before work, and it takes him about an HOUR to get home. He's gone 14 hours a day.It's ridiculous.

But. there's more. Since we're not living on base, Paul gets the amount of our rent extra in every paycheck. That's SUPPOSED to include ALL utilities. Period. But the electric company recently raised their rates, and they're trying to charge us a bunch of money. I won't go into detail about this one. You could just say, we're having issues.

So, after many hour long trips home and a few $200.00 electric bills when we're supposed to pay $0.00, my hubby was finally convinced that we should move on base. 
YAY, right!?
I guess. But moving is going to be a huge pain in the butt. It should all be worth it though. We will save a TON of money, not to mention base is absolutely gorgeous, AND I can get a job.

Alright, that was a bit lengthy;
We're moving, after only 6 months of being in our first house. And I'm super stoked about it. The End!

Oh and here's some photos from Christmas, because, why not?
Our tree with the colored light option.
Merry Christmas from Nana!
Our little Christmas hedgehog holding an acorn.
Christmas centerpiece.
Stockings and "mantel" decor
Our tree with white light option
Christmas nails
Makeup from hubby, lotion from in-laws. NAKED 2 PALLET! <3
Soup pot with steamer basket from hubby.
Paul got what was left in his bank account stolen from him (due to the Target scam) about a week before Christmas so we didn't get everything we planned, but it was still a great Christmas.

Happy New Year! I'm planning to do a better job of posting regularly, I guess you could call that my New Years Resolution!
Thank you for reading. <3