Thursday, January 2, 2014

Some News (a lengthy post)

As you all probably know, Paul and I moved to Oahu in June. 
We stayed in a hotel in Waikiki for 43 days, and we'd had enough..
So we rushed into a house because, well, we kind of had to.
At the time, Paul didn't want to live on base.. Which I totally understood.
"I have to work on base. I am already sick of being in the military, I don't want to have to show ID to go home, and I don't want to constantly be on base" was something like what he'd say.
But the funny thing is, we moved into a Navy neighborhood, that you have to show ID to get in to.
But it isn't ON base, which my husband liked... until we lived here for awhile.
We soon discovered just how huge of a mistake we made.

So, me telling you that we live 10 miles away from Paul's work might not seem so bad, until I tell you that Honolulu is rated as having the second worst traffic in the U.S., next to LA. Traffic is horrible. As if it's not bad enough that he's working 12 hour shifts, He has to leave an HOUR before work, and it takes him about an HOUR to get home. He's gone 14 hours a day.It's ridiculous.

But. there's more. Since we're not living on base, Paul gets the amount of our rent extra in every paycheck. That's SUPPOSED to include ALL utilities. Period. But the electric company recently raised their rates, and they're trying to charge us a bunch of money. I won't go into detail about this one. You could just say, we're having issues.

So, after many hour long trips home and a few $200.00 electric bills when we're supposed to pay $0.00, my hubby was finally convinced that we should move on base. 
YAY, right!?
I guess. But moving is going to be a huge pain in the butt. It should all be worth it though. We will save a TON of money, not to mention base is absolutely gorgeous, AND I can get a job.

Alright, that was a bit lengthy;
We're moving, after only 6 months of being in our first house. And I'm super stoked about it. The End!

Oh and here's some photos from Christmas, because, why not?
Our tree with the colored light option.
Merry Christmas from Nana!
Our little Christmas hedgehog holding an acorn.
Christmas centerpiece.
Stockings and "mantel" decor
Our tree with white light option
Christmas nails
Makeup from hubby, lotion from in-laws. NAKED 2 PALLET! <3
Soup pot with steamer basket from hubby.
Paul got what was left in his bank account stolen from him (due to the Target scam) about a week before Christmas so we didn't get everything we planned, but it was still a great Christmas.

Happy New Year! I'm planning to do a better job of posting regularly, I guess you could call that my New Years Resolution!
Thank you for reading. <3

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