Monday, January 13, 2014

Hawaii Life: Beaches

"You live in Hawaii!? That's awesome! Do you go to the beach like, every day?"
I don't. In fact, I've probably only been to the beach 6 times in the 7 months that we've lived here.
But, the beaches I have been to are awesome, and I enjoy it every time.
So here they are, in order from favorite to least favorite.

1. Hanauma Bay
2. Kailua Beach Park

3. Waikiki Beach
4. Ewa Beach Park
5. Hickam Beach

1. Hanauma Bay (Hun-oma)
Hanauma Bay is absolutely gorgeous . It was well worth the hour wait and it was the first time I've ever been snorkeling. It was incredibly tourist-ey but that's what you'd expect when you're close to Waikiki. I would absolutely suggest coming here if you enjoy snorkeling.

2. Kailua Beach Park (Ky-loo-uh)
The drive to Kailua pretty much makes the trip. You drive through these gorgeous mountains and once you come out of the tunnel, you can see the ocean. It's breathtaking. The beach is really calm and nice and worth the 40 minute drive!

3. Waikiki Beach (Why-kee-kee)
Waikiki will forever hold a special  place in my heart. Paul and I lived downtown for 43 days when we first moved here. We bought little floaties and went to the beach and snorkeled around on them. It was the first time we'd been in the ocean together, and the first time i'd seen ocean creatures in real life. Waikiki is super fun if you're just visiting here!

4. Ewa Beach Park (Evuh)
This beach is amazing because you can see all of Honolulu from it. It's beautiful, white sand, green water, but there's a huge slope on the beach that makes it really uncomfortable to lay on. Also, the water is really rough so it's not a swimming type of beach. It's really good for walking around and collecting sea shells!

5. Hickam Beach
Hickam Beach is my least favorite because the sand is sort of pebble-ey and it was really cloudy when I went there.. But it's still a really nice place. You can see the flight line from the shore so it makes it an entertaining place to go. There's also really nice barbecues and covered picnic tables.I haven't been here enough to say it's my least favorite, and I'd definitely like to go again soon.

The pictures above match up with the number of the beaches I listed. I felt like more pictures needed to be shown.

Beaches are a huge part of Hawaii., but they definitely aren't my favorite. I'll do another post on other things to do in Hawaii, what we do on a daily basis, and the downfalls of living on this island (mostly prices).

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