Friday, January 24, 2014


I probably say this every Friday, but man these posts make it feel like time goes by WAY too fast.
I had a pretty good week I'd say.
I've been having to take Paul to work every morning at 5 a.m.
Then I get home, go back to sleep for a few hours, get up, and get pretty productive.
Our dryer has been broken down for a week now, and we still have another week until they come fix it.
It's super annoying, because laundry just doesn't feel the same when it hasn't been dried in a dryer.
Ugh, does that make me shallow?
Oh well.
Here are some highlights from my week!

1. A few months ago, I paid like $2 for a muffin tin at Walmart. I made muffins awhile ago and had to soak the pan, and it rusted. ): So I got mad and threw it in the recycling bin. I wanted to make my blueberry muffins though, so I decided to bake them in a loaf pan! It took WAY longer than muffins do (obviously), AND I overcooked it... But, drizzle some %100 Maple Syrup on a slice and it's pretty dang good.

2. Yesterday I finally bought a new muffin tin, and I decided I don't want to ruin this one, so I bought liners too! I also stopped at Down To Earth and got some amazing Bob's Red Mill whole wheat pastry flour. Can't WAIT to make whole wheat pancakes again!

3. Whilst making the blueberry loaf this week, I was trying to find a good place to put my Kindle so that I could follow the recipe. I accidentally slid the cover behind the bar on my toaster oven, and, well, it stayed! Can you say life hack!?

4. I had to bring poor Paul to the doctor yesterday, and while I was waiting in the car I couldn't help but notice how beautiful it is here. Hickam has got to be the most beautiful base in the world .

5. I've been wanting to start doing outfit posts again, I just never feel like I'm dressed well enough. I made an effort the other day to go pick up Paul though.. If you'd like to see more outfit posts, visit my Instagram and like the outfit posts you see! Then I'll have more motivation and inspiration to do them on here!

How did your week go? Is it cold where you are? It was a whopping 59 degrees when I brought Paul to work yesterday. Coldest it's been since I've been here.

Link up with Lauren and tell everyone about your week!

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