Friday, January 17, 2014


Happy Friday.
I had, an exhausting week..
So, here goes..

1. I made some juice for the first time in months. It tasted incredible and it made me feel great. So that's a plus!
2. I guess in emergency room, they want people to look up and forget they're in a terrifying room that's only separated by curtains.
3. About number two, Paul went to the ER last Friday. (He looked so cute in his robe, I couldn't help myself) .He was having excruciating back pains and thought it was something going on with his kidney. We got to the ER at 10 a.m. and he wasn't seen until 1 p.m. Seems like they take their emergencies pretty seriously, huh?
4. So they did a few bogus "tests" and said he was having back spasms, gave him tylenol and 5 muscle relaxers and sent him on his way. It's been a week now; his back still hurts and his lower left rib is numb. Anyway the muscle relaxers made him pass out, him and Nana were cozy.
5.  I MADE HOMEMADE TORTILLAS! Instructions can be found here. Four ingredients, and they're super tasty! Definitely never buying the pre-packaged, 17-ingredient, lame-excuse-for-a-tortilla ones again!

How was your week? Mine wasn't that great. The house is a disaster cause' Paul's been home all week, our dryer broke, and he's still in pain! Grr!

Link up with Lauren and share how your week went! Hopefully better than mine!!!

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