Friday, January 3, 2014


We went and tried this little local restaurant today called Forty Niner and it was REALLY good.
Which is funny, cause the 49ers are our team! (;
Anyway, this is my super exciting week!!

1) We went to Waikiki on Saturday and it was a lot of fun.. It brought back good memories, and made me miss the time we spent there.
2) Paul ranked up! He is now Senior Airman Ponder; an E4! I'm seriously so proud of him.
3) Nana was being cute (as usual) but this time, her lip was all weird, so I had to take a picture. Ahhh this is what my life has become. Hahah.....
4) It was delightfully cloudy yesterday, and ended up storming pretty good. We love stormy weather.
5) This wasn't from this week, but a little while ago, Nana got super excited and turner her head super fast and ran into my leg with her teeth. It's still a huge bruise.

How was your week? Happy 2014!
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