Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What I'm Wearing

On Wednesdays
We wear pink.
No I'm kidding. (If you didn't understand that reference, we can't be friends)
Back to business.
On Wednesdays, I will post some outfit pictures and tell you where I got my clothes.
Okay? Okay.

Ruffled Tank: Old (T.J. Maxx, maybe?)
White Cardigan: Walmart! (I'm serious)
Leggings: Ross
Loafers: The Base Exchange (In Germany)
Belt: T.J. Maxx

Vest: Jeans Warehouse
Miss Me Jean Shorts: The Navy Exchange (Pearl Harbor, 70 bucks)
Shoes: Same as above
Cross Cuff Bracelet: The Buckle

Black Tank: Target
Aztec Cardigan: Jeans Warehouse
Leggings: Same as above
Shoes: Same as above

FYI: I'm aware I'm wearing the same shoes in all three pictures. I need to get new shoes but haven't been able to find any I love lately.

Don't you love how Nana photo bombs all of my pictures? I do.
Have a good Wednesday!


  1. Cute! So creative and thrifty.

    Your dog made the series of photos so funny! In the first picture, she is looking curious, the second picture she is waiting patiently behind you. I love that by the last picture, she is laying down. LOL she is like, "OK mom, let's do something else now, otherwise I am going to fall asleep."


    1. Aww thank you Nessa! (: I know, she's so silly. She gets so bored when I'm doing blog stuff. She fricken cracks me up.