Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hair Color Timeline and an Outfit

I have a problem. Is there a name for it? It involves changing my hair color way more than one person should. Here's a fun little timeline to prove my point.
Have fun. I'm a dork.
December 2011
April 2012
August 2012

September 2012
November 2012
January 2013
April 2013
May 2013
September 2013 (today)
September 2013 (today)
September 2013 (today)
I know, I know, I have a veeryyyyy bad habit. That's why when you hear me complain about the fact that my hair wont grow, you should tell me to shush up. Haha.
I am absolutely IN LOVE with what I got done to my hair today though.
I had her put in the lightest shade of Ash Brown she had, and she foiled it in really thin chunks. I couldn't be more pleased with the way it turned out.
How much it cost, on the other hand, is a whole different ball park.
Stuff's expensive here in Hawaii, I'll tell ya' that.
I feel as though this darker ash color 1. makes my eyes stand out, 2. compliments my skin tone, and 3. makes me look older. Which are all a plus, in my book. (:

Also, because it's late and I didn't come up with more outfits for "What I'm Wearing"--
This is one of my go to outfits. It's comfy, casual yet dressy, and you can wear it anywhere...

Grey V-Neck: Target
Black Maxi: Target
Belt: Target

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