Friday, August 30, 2013

High Five for Friday

1) Yesterday my wonderful husband bought me a pair of slippers from Walmart, and let me tell you, they're wonderful. Not only are they fuzzy and comfortable, but they remind me of Fall and Winter which reminds me of Montana which makes me feel at home. Wow. I'm a loser. Hah.
2) My dog Nana loves car rides. That is all.
3) The blankets were all piled up on the bed and Nana was hiding from Paul because he was trying to pick her up. Her adorable ears just so happened to be preciously flipped back so I had to capture the moment. 
4)So I followed this tutorial, and made this gorg/glam wreath for our front door. The best part? I can switch out the accessories for different holidays/seasons. (:
5) Can you tell I want it to be Fall/Winter? Too bad we live in Hawaii and there are no seasons. Anyway I bought this Essie polish called Wrapped in Rubies and I LOVE it.

Wondering what this High Five for Friday wonderfulness is about?
Check it out.!

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